Security Operations Center

Vulnerability Scanning

Almost every company today has at least some defensive cyber security equipment like a firewall, intrusion protection, URL filtering, email filtering and antivirus. These are the right basics to secure your employees against the Wild West that is the internet, but is this equipment enough to keep your company truly safe?

A security operations center (SOC) can be defined both as a team, often operating in shifts around the clock, and a facility dedicated to and organized to prevent, detect, assess and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents, and to fulfill and assess regulatory compliance.

The 5 key things your SOC is going to do are:

  1. Proactive detection of malicious network and system activity. You don’t want to wait the average 206 days it takes US companies to detect a breach. You want to know as quickly as possible to minimize the effect of the breach.
  2. Threat awareness to adjust defenses before the threat hits you.
  3. Vulnerability management to see what may be vulnerable on your network to new threats before you get hit with them.
  4. Awareness of hardware and software assets running on your network so you can be aware of developing threats to them.
  5. Log management to give you and any authorities the ability to complete forensics if you do incur an incident or breach.

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